Historic Building Restoration Specialists!

At Bunkoff General Contractors, we take pride in breathing new life into buildings that stand as testaments to history. Our expertise in historic building restorations is grounded in a profound respect for architectural integrity and the narratives these structures embody. From window restoration to masonry restoration to providing new elevators in buildings that have an historic old look to them, our projects reflect a meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to preserving the past for future generations.

Embracing the challenge of historic preservation, Bunkoff General Contractors combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Our portfolio spans from the majestic halls of the NYS Capital Building to the classical revival elegance of the W. and L. E. Gurley Building. Each project is a unique journey, undertaken with the utmost care, to ensure that these landmarks continue to celebrate their historical significance while meeting the needs of today. Join us in our commitment to safeguarding the legacy of our architectural heritage.

Olana State Historic Site

Greensport, NY - This project was an interior renovation to this wonderful historic building in the Hudson Valley. Attention to the amazing details of the period were key to its successful completion.


NYS Capital Building Various Renovations

Albany, NY - We have done various projects throughout the NYS Capital Building. From Elevator Replacement, New Bathrooms, Lobby Renovations, Attic Support, and Door Replacement.


Academy Park - City School District of Albany

Albany, NY - The Academy Park project involved Window and Door Restoration at this early 19th century Historic Building. Located in the City of Albany, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.


W. and L. E. Gurley Building

Troy, NY - The W. and L. E. Gurley Building is a classical revival structure that housed the W. and L. E. Gurley Company, a maker of precision measuring instruments, from its construction in 1862.


Gloversville Public Library

Gloversville, NY - Constructed in 1904, this Carnegie library was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. We did an addition and various interior and exterior renovations to this incredible building.


Clermont State Historic Site

Clermont State Historic Site was the country seat of the Livingston family. Originally a Georgian Mansion, over the years the house was added onto to give it its present appearance. 


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